How to Make Fimo Sticks


How to Make Fimo Sticks

Fimo is a soft modeling clay that is very versatile, used for multiple purposes in arts and crafts. It is used to make beads, pendants, buttons and trinkets and can be sculpted into intricate designs and textures.

How to make FIMO sticks

The first step in making fimo sticks is to roll out the sheet of polymer clay into a long roll. You can use a rolling pin or an acrylic roller. This process will help ensure that the cane is evenly rolled out and is more likely to regain its shape after it is cut into slices.

Next, score the cane with a credit card or similar tool to give it the characteristic flower petal look. You can also use a metal ruler to press six to eight evenly spaced grooves into the cane.

Depending on the amount of colour in the cane, it may take several rolls to achieve the desired look. It is a good idea to turn the cane slightly after it has been scored to prevent it from flattening at the bottom.

You can then cut the slices to make FIMO beads, charms and scrapbook embellishments. This will leave a hollow area on the end of each slice that you can then fill with polymer clay or resin to create your finished item.

After the pieces are sliced, they can be baked in an oven to harden them. It is important to use the correct baking temperature as too high a temperature can change the color or cause it to crackle and break.

When it comes to slicing fimo, it is best to use a heated knife rather than an unheated one. Using an unheated knife can melt the cane and distort your design.

Alternatively, you can place the cut canes into the refrigerator to cool and harden before using them. This will make the slicing process much easier and will save you time when you are working with a lot of canes at once!

The best way to slice Fimo is with a sharp cutter knife. You can find these at any craft store. You will need a slicing block that acts as a cutting board, a gripper to hold the cane steady while you cut and a small container to store the finished slices in.

Another option is to use an electric slicing machine. This will cut the canes into smaller slices, but is not as easy to use as a traditional knife.

To avoid distortion, it is a good idea to use a firmer clay like Fimo Classic. This will give you the most control over the final outcome of your fimo sticks.

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